Case study

Performing in San Francisco, CA

For a Circus performance, technologies were used to generate music based on the movement of the legs.

These technologies were used to create it:

  • Movement sensor
    • Piezo electric sensors on each leg connected to an arduino board
    • The arduino board sends the info via USB to the raspberry pi 4 (raspberry pis don’t do analog sensors)
  • Control Interface
    • Web page with settings that are continuously read by the running program written in Python
  • Light
    • NeoPixel strips show lights when the sensor signal is above a threshhold specified in the control interface
  • Sound
  • The note is broadcast on the Raspberry Pi using midi
    • Sonic Pi takes the midi note inputs and generates different sounds that get sent to the speakers
  • Costume
    • material
    • scissors
    • sewing
    • gluing
    • painting